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I was born and raised in Western Pennsylvania, lived and trained in the mountains of Vermont and Colorado, and have participated in athletics and competition all my life.  After graduating from Penn State University, I moved to Colorado to continue my career as a PGA Golf Teaching Professional and AASI Certified Snowboard Instructor.  


Along the way I’ve been involved nationally with the American Association of Snowboard Instructors (AASI) as a member of a task force to rewrite/revise the National Education Manual, served on the National Education Advisory Council as the Snowboard Seat and contributed several instructional articles to their national publication ‘32 Degrees’ (formerly ‘The Pro Rider’).  I was also a candidate for the AASI National Demo Team try-outs (2004).  


I regularly race and coach in USASA Series Competitions on a local and national level. Boardercross, in particular, is the only discipline that allows me to combine all my years of experience from all-mountain and freestyle riding in one event.  Boardercross is a complete test of one's overall snowboarding skills.


I’ve studied a wide variety of physical training methods to further develop my personal strength, speed, endurance and power for mountain sport applications, and remain passionate about improving my training knowledge and experience to this day.  Seeing my creative training programs and progress inside and outside of the gym often prompted the athletes I coached and friends and co-workers in the mountain sport community to ask for help in preparation for their own athletic passions.  Skiers, snowboarders, mountain bikers and others, who just wanted to get into better shape, all demonstrated consistent improvement and quick results after they began working with me.  Achieving NSCA Certified Personal Trainer status and starting this business was the natural ‘next step’ as a Coach. 

My mountain lifestyle and passion for winning are strong elements of who I am.  The big ‘J’ and small ‘b’ of my coaching name (Coach Jb), which started as a quick, funny text signature, reminded me of an element symbol from the periodic table.  I believe that the mountains and being a dominant SBX racer are core elements of my existence and the ‘Jb’ “element symbol” is a constant reminder to me of where my focus and drive is directed during both training and competition.  The best way for me to share my true passion and mountain and athletic experience with others is by helping them become Mountain Athletes.


Have you experienced your inner Mountain Athlete?


Professional Status


-         NSCA Certified Personal Trainer

-         USAW Sports Performance Coach


-         AASI Level III Certification (Snowboard)

-         AASI Level I Certified Freestyle Specialist (Snowboard)

-         PSIA Level I Certification (Telemark)

-         USASA Level 200 Coaching Credentials

-         PSIA/AASI Level 1 Children's Specialist

Competition Results

          -       1st Place 2016 USASA National Championships - SBX - Legend Division

-       1st Place 2014 USASA National Championships - SBX - Legend Division

-       1st Place 2013 USASA National Championships - SBX - Legend Division


Additional Facts

-   Articles published in national and local periodicals:

- Elevation Outdoors Magazine        - 32 Degrees

- The Central Line Newsletter          - Denver Rocky Mountain News

- Whirl Magazine                                 - The Pro Rider